01 July 2012

gear checklist

Below is a detailed, thorough list of what I am bringing on my Irish cycle tour. This is as much for me to double check things as it is for anyone who might be curious:

bike specific/maintenance

- rear panniers
- hi-viz rain covers for panniers
- saddlebag and handlebar bag
- Kryptonite bike lock
- multi-tool
- 2 spare chain links
- tyre levers
- spare tube
- puncture repair kit
- frame-mounted pump
- cycle computer
- red flashing rear light
- removable white front light that doubles as a torch
- velcro reflective strips (to wear or put on panniers)

cooking and food

- lightweight cooking stove and gas canister (lasts roughly 4 hours)
- lighters
- one large pot for cooking
- one plastic cup
- two sporks
- 1 one-litre plastic foldable water bottle
- 2 frame-mounted water bottles
- gluten-free crackers
- sports drinks, tinned fish, metric ton of trail mixes (will grocery shop on the road as well)


- one fully waterproof bivouac bag
- one season 2 synthetic sleeping bag
- one sleeping bag liner that adds up to 10 degrees of warmth (just in case)
- one lightweight foam mat for insulation from the ground


- two waterproof bags to keep it all in
(on the bike)
- helmet
- 1 pair pearl izumi droptail bib shorts
- 3 shortsleeve base layers
- 2 cycling jerseys
- sports bra, socks
- buff multi-purpose kerchief thing
- merino arm warmers
- cycling gloves
- regular shoes (due to knee problems, will not be using clipless pedals)
- goretex waterproof rain jacket
(off the bike)
- underwear
- knee braces
- one pair of normal trousers
- swimming trunks (paired with bra or base layer for swimming)
- fleece vest
- thermal base layers for sleeping


- contourROAM camera and accessories
- sony camera
- cell phone
- spare cell phone
- chargers for all of the above
- all in a ziploc bag


- travel towel
- toothbrush and non-fluoride, swallowable toothpaste
- deodorant (baking soda base)
- face lotion for dry skin
- LUSH ultrabalm for saddle chafing
- moist toilet tissue
- cotton reusable pad and menstrual cup
- regular tissue packs
- sports sunscreen
- hand sanitizer
- chlorine dioxide water purification drops
- physio tape for my knees
- first aid kit, including
  • lots and lots of panadol (tylenol)
  • emergency ibuprofen and immodium
  • lots and lots of plasters (band-aids)
  • antiseptic wipes, bandages, dressings, etc
  • emergency blanket
  • rubber gloves
  • compass
  • knife
  • safety pins, tweezers
  • candles
  • storm matches
  • whistle
  • first aid booklet and emergency contact numbers


- journal/sketchbook (in a ziploc bag)
- cycling Ireland book
- maps
- military compass
- money belt, passport, keys
- personal alarm
- Irish tin whistle
- lengths of multipurpose twine

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  1. WHOA, that's a lotta stuff. But, well, it's quite the journey...