03 July 2012

Day two

Today promised to be very wet, at least around Lismore. I'm glad I slept in a real bed. I think as long as I'm on my period I probably will. I could've slept forever longer but onward to Mallow! Along the river. Y'know, I like the sea and all, but I think I like rivers and forests better.

Breakfast: two overripe bananas, orange juice, tea, three rashers (slices bacon), two eggs. I like how they don't even ask how you want your eggs done, 'cause soft and slightly runny is the way they're supposed to be.

Pissing rain all the way from Lismore to Fermoy--but the glens and views and quiet roads made up for it. The mossy, ferny glens here are meant to glisten and drip with moisture. The hills seem magical, draped in mist and fog.

I did buy some waterproof shoe covers in Fermoy tho, and a cycle computer to replace my broken one, altho I think this one's numbers read a little high. My shoes are soaked but hopefully they'll dry out all the way overnight. Everything else is quick drying synthetic materials.

Cheers to the guy in Lismore who got me some water in the fountain; to the waitress in Fermoy who helped me get a safe and tasty meal; to the lady in Killavullen who when I asked her for directions invited me in for a cup of tea; to the lady outside of Supervalu who suggested this B&B. And of course to everyone who chats with me, asks me how far I've come/where I'm headed, laments the rainy weather with me.

Hot bath tonight; hot breakfast in the morning. My legs are weakening, but knees feel okay, hopefully after the first week of cycling it becomes routine. Today was a short easy day, good for a second day. Tomorrow will be harder.


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  1. Anonymous07 July, 2012

    How awesome is the kindness of strangers!