02 July 2012

Day One

Breakfast: butternut squash, red bell pepper, leftover chicken. The door is locked and everything electrical is off. I'm still amazed how when I tell everyone I'm going to do something, I go and do it.

Nice Irish start to the day today--pissing rain. Sun when I reached Carrick-on-Suir. Marbled skies above the fern-filled forests and twisting streams, engorged rivers. Ride under the dark clouds and you'll get wet. Cross under the blue skies and the sun will dry you off again.

Cheers to the fella in the blue car who apologised to me for the weather; to the guy who helped me find a toilet in Clonmel; to the hotel receptionist guy who chatted with me and helped me find my road before going back to watch more Tour de France. Human beings are so cool.

I'm exhausted. Long sustained climb today across knockmealdown mountains thru the Vee. Climbing there was like ascending thru a tropical rainforest. Everything moist and lush. The whole hillside was cascading water. Tropical except for the pine trees. Then you pass the treeline and everything is barren bogland, grass soggy with peat-brown water overflowing everywhere. I tried to rest and eat before the climb but the biting midges found me and chased me up the mountain. (I think I ate a lot of those things today.)

Hot shower long sleep stretches breakfast and another day. This island is glorious.


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