19 July 2012

Day seventeen

Rest day again 'cause I felt like it. And also, I don't feel particularly well. But don't worry. I'm not ready to give up yet. I am facing a delimma tho', since this is the last town for a while with an easy train ride back to Dublin. If I needed to bail out due to sickness, now would be the time. I think I'll be okay tho'. If I'm super careful from now on and take it easy.

Last night, sometime after midnight, I heard screaming. Lots of it. When I'd been woken up enough by it I got up, found the door behind which it was happening, and went to knock on that door or something, you know, interfere or help or idk what (remember I was half asleep), but it stopped just then so I went back to bed. Apparently someone called the police, tho'. There's some kind of dysfunctional family drama going on. More arguing and shouting this morning. Father complaining about police and money (fines?) and other stuff in this weird rambling repetitive way. I don't even know. I hope the police get it sorted? Seems like it's kids with some kind of serious behavioural issues.

I've never eaten so much boil-in-a-bag rice. Ugh. Uncle effing Ben's. It's hard to find anything else that's as handy for camping and hostelling tho'.

Besides a swift rain shower this morning, the weather today was infuriatingly sunny. Infuriatingly because part of the whole rest day thing was to wait out the rain. Altho', another part of it was to come see What the Folk perform in a pub here in Westport tonight. (Another part of it was to sleep/use the internet all day and only leave the hostel to buy food.)

Staying to listen to What the Folk, have a few pints of cider, meet O.M. & co (friends to Mickey the Bags)... Definitely worth it. I don't listen to music very much I realise. I don't play it anymore either. I've gotta change that.

Not much to report today other than I don't think I've ever been in an Irish pub without someone buying me a drink, or at least offering. It's near impossible to refuse, so the trick to avoid getting drunk is to only buy yourself the first one (you don't wanna have several in you when someone decides to get you another) and to drink the subsequent ones very slowly. Be warned tho', if you have any less than half a pint left you might discover a fresh one waiting for you.

I hear that Westport was voted by some magazine or committee or something to be the best town in Ireland for living in. I can see why, I s'pose. Good rest day town at any rate. Tons of cyclists passing thru, either on their way to or from the Mayo Greenway (~45 kms of mostly off-road cycleway between here and Achill Sound). I'll be on the greenway for the first half of today, then leave it at Mallaranny and keep going north rather than onward to Achill Island, where I went via the Greenway and explored and camped etc a few months ago. I think it was a three day weekend off from work when I went before.

Yeah. Et cetera. See you on the flipside.


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