24 July 2012

Day twenty-two

Woke up this morning feeling like crap. Bad stomach problems again. Weather outside was absolute shite. So I paid for a second night and went back to bed; didn't get up again until half two in the afternoon. Next time I do a huge cycling trip like this, I need to make some stricter personal rules about CC and stick to them, so that I won't take unnecessary days off for being food sick.

Only five days of cycling left. Whoa.

Went to town with a Canadian girl named Christina in the evening. Nice gentle walk into town thru the woods along the bay. There's not too much to see here... A few churches. Old graveyard admist the ruins of an 15th century ish Franciscan Abbey. We had a nice chat and she kindly bought me a drink. I bought some random groceries and a cream for the burn on my ankle, which is still kinda arrrgh. Then I came back to the hostel to make supper, eat a whole pot of rice/spinach/tomato pasta with red beans and tomato sauce.

Yeah yeah boring day today. But the lady owner of this hostel is like the cutest and nicest so far. I enjoyed the rest.


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