04 June 2012

sickly jam

So, yeah. I'm sick today and it sucks.

I did the Tour of Louth yesterday though. The weather was absolute rubbish, which is especially sad because today is a BEAUTIFUL SUNNY DAY and it's like the universe hated us. We even cycled in a big circle but the wind was in our faces the WHOLE TIME like it KNEW where we were and wanted to spit at us...

I only made it on the 50 km course and didn't continue to the 100 km because I didn't want to die. However, I did that 50 km as fast as I could and am proud of myself for that, especially considering it was my first sportive and all.

I would have brought my camera or video camera to the event, but there was no point because of the rain and wind--you wouldn't have been able to see or hear anything anyway.

I'm not sick because I went cycling in the rain, by the way! First of all, it's an old wives' tale that wet/cold can make you catch a cold or flu. Second of all, I was already sick before the cycle. Just a bit of a masochist and did it anyway. My head was so stuffed up, I couldn't hear anyone out of my left ear... DX

Anyway. Have a click below to listen to my sickly rambling.


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