30 May 2012

philosophy of Jam Everywhere, et addendum

So--I've got another vlog episode up! check it out, folks.


Yeah, it's a bit rough, but practice makes perfect, so.

In other news, tomorrow is my last day at work... I'm not sure I ever wrote about this job on this blog yet. Basically I work for a mobile phone insurance company, with offices right next to the Baggot St. Bridge over the Grand Canal. I started out working for them as a temp through Julia Ross, and after a month of that they offered me a five month, part-time contract. Then, after two months of that, they added a month to the contract and brought me on to full time. o_o

When my supervisor first wanted to talk to me privately, when I was still a temp, I thought she was telling me that my temping time was over. I went in super nervous and afraid I hadn't been doing well. When she offered me a job, I didn't know how to react. I asked her if I could sleep on it, then said YES PLEASE OMG THANK YOU the next day because they were offering to pay me basically twice as much as I got paid as a temp, INCLUDING things like annual leave days and paid sick leave. It was amazing. And just like that, I became a salaried office worker starting in December 2011.

Everyone in the office is super lovely and even-tempered. While my job was not exactly the most exciting--I was basically proofreading insurance documents, filling out endless spreadsheets, and scanning things--I had a great time working for them and really felt like part of a team. I mean, I had my own work email address and everything! And I was regularly corresponding with people in, like, Belgium and Germany and stuff.

But, of course, all good things must come to an end, so tomorrow it's over. Just in time for summer, though, which is perfect. I sold back my days of annual leave to the company and got a small pension on the last few months of my contract, so with that, my last paycheck, and what I've been saving from the start--the rest of my summer is entirely funded by this job, without my having to touch the savings in my American bank. I also bought a 1200 euro bicycle, insurance for said bicycle, quite a bit of cycling kit, some quality camping equipment, and a ton of other things with this job. I'm super stoked about all the travelling I get to do from here on out--I'd better start planning it for real, I suppose!

For being my first "real" job, working at NTI/MTIS was a really good one. Good for the resume, I'm sure, too.

Gonna go out for drinks with my colleagues tomorrow after work. Then, the summer starts fer me...


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  1. Anonymous07 June, 2012

    Cool Jamz. That's so you. And hey, I'm not pretending (at least not most of the time) :)

    PS: Love the cool product placement!