16 May 2012

giving vlogging a try

Hello Mama. And possible but unlikely other people who happen to read this blog.

I've decided to give vlogging a try. My youtube username is "jameverywhere". Feel free to subscribe if you want, but at your own risk: my inexperience and lack of ability is painfully apparent here.

Here is episode one!

p.s. -- the youtuber with the beautiful eyes is Wheezy Waiter. He also has a beautiful beard. He's also hilarious and extremely entertaining, but it took me watching like three of his videos before I could see anything besides his eyes D:


  1. Anonymous20 May, 2012

    Hi Jam!

    We love you too. Sorry it took so long to get around to watching and commenting. Here's my critique, for whatever it is worth.

    I think you have a very nice presence on video. Your voice is really good and your enunciation clear. You also have a very animated face and a natural manner. I started imagining you as a newscaster while I was watching. :) I think you may need to move back from the camera just a bit, as you kept cutting off your chin. Other than that, you just need to come up some kind of a catch or a theme (as your parents, we don't mind you just rambling, but the rest of your audience might) and you are set.


  2. What your Mama said.
    CouzUncle Howard