18 June 2012

back from England!

Just spent about ten days in England, travelling about. Started in a monastery in Essex, near Tiptree; spent four nights in London after that; then killed zombies in Reading; next, went to the spa in Bath; and finally, wandered about Oxford before catching the ferry home from Holyhead.

Originally I intended to go up to Edinburgh for a few days, and also see some of North England (think, York, Hadrian's wall etc), or at least a few more sites in England, such as Cambridge or Dover or whatever I thought of at the time. However, my hamstrings and knees really started to bother me after the zombie-killing, which involved lots of sprinting, including sprinting up and down stairs. Because I want to do my cycle tour of Ireland more than anything else, I decided to come home so I can get some massage, do my physio exercises more diligently, and warm up my legs on the bike for a bit before setting off. Since cycling is easier on the knees than walking, I still think I'll be able to pull the trip off. I may have to cut it off early, but we'll see. Whatever happens, I won't stop travelling.

Before I go, I need to figure out how to best update this blog and/or youtube on the road and buy some more kit so we'll see about that.

in August I plan to visit Cardiff for the Doctor Who experience that just opened there, perhaps kill more zombies in a different experience in Manchester, and if I have a few days go see more of Wales or Scotland. It all depends on when my family intends to visit me, because of course I want to show them all around Ireland--but they'll only be here say for 10 days or so.

I'll write up some posts about my travels in England soon. I have tons of pictures and snippets of footage. Sorry for the delayed reports; one thing I definitely need to work on is reporting on things as they happen rather than weeks later... but better late than never, so they say.


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