11 June 2012


Well, right now I'm in an internet cafe right outside Earlscourt station in London. I've checked into the youth hostel in Holland Park, which is actually really nice I think, for the next four nights. Tomorrow I'll get up and do a walking tour of London to get my bearings... I have an oyster card already, and a seven day pass for the rental bikes, so I'm all set for transport. On the 15th I'm heading up to Reading for the zombie experience that I booked, and then from there I intend to travel north up into Scotland, do some kind of tour of the highlands, fly out of Edinburgh (I have a return flight out of Glasgow but I might just ignore it altogether since it was so cheap and I may want to stay on longer), or something...

London and Dublin have a lot of similarities, and the tube reminds me of the trains in Japan (so weird to see mostly white people on 'em), so I feel at home here. I just wish I knew what I wanted to do with my time, y'know? I'm really bad at vacations. Like, really bad.

The weather is pretty miserable so I'm probably not going to do much today. Rain rain rain. Apparently there was some flooding in Essex last month. After weeks and weeks of drought warnings. Gotta love mother nature.

Everything's really expensive in London, whoa. I think it would be gas to live here though. I'd apply to Oxford or Cambridge or something but no way I could afford it, like. How can you squeeze a city like this into four days? That's what I wanna know.

My internet access is gonna be really spotty from here on out but I'll try to post updates as I can I guess?


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  1. Oh, my goodness, you're staying in the same hostel I did! How cool is that?!? (You might ask if they have a Bible that zips around the edges with a Marian pendant on the zipper while you're there; I think I left it under my pillow when I left nearly a year ago. If they still have it and they give it to you, you can have it. :D ) I hope you have a blast in London! My dad and I got tickets to take one of those double-decker tour buses around. It was a bit cheesy, but it was a great way to see a lot of London in just a few hours and to decide what I might want to go back to see the next day. Have a great time!