02 May 2013


following the diet they gave me was supposed to make me feel better.

I'm depressed again. My muscles have a constant, low-key ache that worsens but never stops. I'm closer to tears than usual. I'm tired, always tired, like I've always been my whole life and that never changes.

I'm scared and feel like my life is mostly aimless. I guess nowadays that's always part of being in one's 20s. . .


  1. :-/

    I think it gets better. You'll find something. Or things. Or at least something that'll keep you going long enough for you to figure out what comes next. (And sorry I haven't been commenting, I get scatterbrained like none other.)

    1. I forgot that Blogger interprets angle brackets at HTML. Lemme try that one bit again...

      *internet hug*