12 May 2013

Leaving on Tuesday

Okay, so forget about all the emo posts below this one. My adventure is starting soon so this blog is going to be dedicated to that from now until it's over.

Me, my sister, and my sister's fiance are leaving on a train from Denver to Yorktown, VA this Tuesday evening. From Denver we take a train to Chicago, from Chicago to D.C., and from D.C. to Richmond, where we will disembark, re-assemble our bicycles, and cycle to the Atlantic Ocean to touch the water before we head off to the Pacific to touch the water there. In Yorktown we will meet my cousin, her boyfriend, and her brother, so there will be six of us going.

This trip is far more ambitious than my Ireland one. Probably won't be as beautiful, nor as convenient (hostels ftw), but it will nonetheless be amazing.

Here's to adventuring.

HandleBarbarians Cycle Across America, Summer 2013



  1. Awesome! Good luck and all that stuff! It sounds legitimately epic. :)

  2. Anonymous19 May, 2013

    Whoo-hoo! :D