07 February 2012

reason for lack of posts

sorry, folks who actually read this blog. Right now I'm on bed-rest with some kind of flu. It took the wind outta me really suddenly... one day i had a mild fever, 99-point-something, bad enough to make me actually buy a thermometer... I left work a little early and took the bus that day instead of cycling. the next day it was 101.8, then 102.5 ... I did go doctor, he gave me antibiotics to prevent pneumonia, because apparently this infection often settles in the chest. today is my first fever-free day. so that was five days of fever and misery from that.

the worst thing, though, in my opinion, is that my mouth is full of ulcers, one of the worst being right on the underside of my tongue (it's like an amalgamation of five different ones) which makes eating and drinking painful, so i'm really hungry but not really able to eat. of course from the fever I wasn't eating due to nausea and fatigue. so now I'm definitely starved and dehydrated which is preventing recovery.

i did make chicken soup and am making more right now (from scratch, not that hard, just boil a chicken for 3 hours and then separate the bones and skin from the meat). eating things like mashed bananas. i can't chew is the problem.

I've been kinda hibernating for the winter activity - wise... I screwed up my right knee somehow so i haven't even been on the bike very much either. i just have had this massive headache for like a week so i can't think or see straight.

suffice to say this blog isn't gonna die so easily. just be on hiatus for a while maybe while i heal up.