12 November 2011

imagery Jam likes

Here's a short list of things that I like to see, and that I tend to take pictures of. No particular order or reasoning. Once I start uploading the pictures I've been taking (I will eventually, I promise...) you'll start seeing this stuff a lot.

1. Stone churches. Catholic churches are the best for this, but any old churches will do it. I especially like taking pictures of Catholic churches at night, or pictures of them in interesting lighting. I love stone crosses with moss or ivy on them. I love seeing crosses contrasted against the sky or lit up by the moon.

2. Graffiti. I think a huge part of the personality of a city is expressed in its graffiti.

3. Lanes and roads stretching into the distance. I love to go on walks in the city, wandering down streets just to see where they go. I love trees and architecture. I love doors, arches, and gates--portals to other places, full of untold stories. I do take pictures of lanes all the time, lanes I wish I could walk down, or lanes that really lead nowhere in particular. But the pictures can't quite catch the essence of what it is like to walk past a road or lane and wonder about where it would lead you.

4. Interesting textures and shapes.

5. Urban decay. Especially abandoned buildings, or decaying structures juxtaposed against brand-new ones or construction. Buildings being swallowed by ivy are also fun.

6. Trees and water. Horizons. General nature-y stuff--the kind that ends up on postcards. You know the drill.

I've already filled up a 2G memory card with pictures and need to sort thru them and post some. I went on a day tour to Wicklow today and ended up with another gig or so of pictures (altho lots are duplicates that will be whittled down). Saw three lakes, went on a forested walk, wandered around monastic ruins and a 500 y/o graveyard. I'm proud of myself for leaving Dublin for the first time since I got here! Even if it was only for one day, on a silly tour that barely lasted as long as it should've. Next weekend I'm going to Galway :3


  1. I'm with you on the old stone buildings. I visited St. Patrick's when I was in Dublin 15 years ago and was a little disappointed to see it was newer than many of the other churches. It had been destroyed and rebuilt.

    I don't know if you've been to the Grand Canal yet, but I recommend it. There's a statue of poet Patrick Kavanagh sitting on a bench along the canal.

  2. Nice descriptions. I like old graveyards/tombstones as well. When you go to Galway, I'm sure they will take you to the Spanish Arch. If you go through the arch with the ocean on your right, The Heron's Rest is just a little ways down on your left.