25 November 2011


just a little addition to my last post...

1) I didn't even learn how to ride a bicycle until I was 10 years old. I never got the hang of the balancing part, so once I got too big for training wheels I gave up on it. By the time I was 10 my sister couldn't stand it anymore so she dragged me up hills and made me ride down them till I fell. Then came the magical moment when I didn't fall. I rode all day until I was stiff as a board. Today I rode until my calves started to cramp.

2) I am pretty sure that the blinking lights I bought for my bike have already saved my life. Probably more than once.

on a very unrelated note:

D. F. -- Rest in peace, and memory eternal.

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  1. It's weird you should mention that. I clicked on his link (Facebook's "People You May Know" hint) out of curiosity just the other day and saw what I assumed was a wedding picture. You can't help but wish him some happiness, as he has to start a family with his own generation. And yes, you are currently alone, but it is better to be alone and reasonably happy than together and completely miserable with the wrong person.