21 June 2014

Updated Wishlist

Just a little post to keep track of things I need & want. I'm not asking anyone for anything! (My birthday coming up soon is coincidental XD)

Could definitely use:

1. Refillable peppercorn grinder (got one from my Grandmamma's estate... RIP)

2. New headphones

3. More cool skinny ties

4. Bike shorts that look like normal shorts

Simply want:

1. Art commissions! Especially of my fursona, Tica

2. Any nerdy/cute 1-inch pin or button (for my purse)--esp. skulls!

3. Any of these cool Star Trek Books 

4. This Tetris seatbelt belt (bought this for myself for my 25th birthday!)

5. This (expensive) replica two-toed sloth skull (bought for myself for Halloween!)

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