30 October 2013

upstate NY

I figure it's high time I update this blog and get it going again. If only because my dad keeps bugging me to do so. :p

Since the last blog entry, I have been keeping pretty busy. I tried for a while to get my King Soopers job back, but to no avail (even tho' they are chronically understaffed...). So I spent a lot of time working on personal creative projects--most especially art projects, as I attempt to become a better artist. I haven't written very much, which is a shame, but I did begin a few small practice projects which I'm excited about (one being fanfiction and another being a legal manual for superhero/ines... "practice" in that they have no prospects of being sold in future).

I also went to a convention here in Denver and wore my commissioned two-toed sloth costume, and made a lot of friends there and reconnected with old friends I hadn't seen in a long time. I've kept up old and new friendships in Denver by driving up there twice a month to see folk, and even made new friends here in the Springs whom I've been hanging with once a week, and for weekend events from time to time.

I've also gotten back into Star Trek and realized what a die-hard Trekkie I really am... I re-watched all of TNG--except for episodes from the first two seasons I remembered as being particularly bad--and am currently watching Deep Space Nine for the first time as an adult, and loving it. I'd only seen scattered episodes as a kid, and I didn't like DS9 back then; I only liked Voyager and TNG. (These days, I don't particularly like Voyager. I think of it as Star Trek for kids. Not sure why? Neelix, maybe?) Anyway, I bought myself a proper metal communicator pin and a Star Trek uniform hoodie, and I will talk about Star Trek to anyone who's willing... I've even gotten to the point where I can name the episode wherein particular things happened, so I guess I'm pretty far gone, haha. TNG is still my favorite, but DS9 is a very close second.

But, all this unemployment, while thoroughly enjoyed, has taken a huge chunk out of my savings even despite the fact that I do chores instead of paying rent whilst here in my folks' basement. So, onward and forward! I have been applying to Americorps jobs ever since I returned from the cycle trip, and have finally accepted an offered position.

In a week I will be on the road driving to upstate NY--somewhere around Lyons, where my Americorps VISTA position is. I don't know where I'm going to live, but I do know that I will only make a monthly stipend and will basically be poor for this next year. But poor with a purpose: capacity building for the Wayne County Action Program, which helps impoverished veterans. Whether or not this leads into a fulfilling career for me remains to be seen, but I'm excited nonetheless. It will I'm sure be a wonderfully rewarding experience and will teach me many things.

I intend to blog more often, as I move to NY and make my way on my own again. Right now I am packing up all my things to fit in my dad's SUV, which I get to borrow for the next year. I'm leaving all my books with my parents (otherwise, I'd have no room for anything else in the truck >_<;) and sticking to the bare minimum of what I need to live a decently comfortable life in NY. The list is short and the first entry: internet.

Anyhow. That's all I've got. Expect to hear more from me soon!


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