22 January 2013

Why anything windows-related can go die in a fire

So, I've been successfully dual-booting Windows 8 and Ubuntu 12.10 for a while now... till windows decided suddenly not to boot anymore. Didn't bother me at first, until I wanted to try a program in it that didn't work on my emulator. So, I tried a few things, nothing worked. Decided to create a recovery disk with my dad's win 8 laptop.

That didn't work either, but it DID destroy some vital grub2 files on my linux partition BECAUSE WINDOWS REFUSES TO PLAY NICE WITH ANYONE. So all I get when I try to boot into my linux partition is grey text on a black screen: "unrecognized operating system" and a blinking cursor.

Tried to manually boot into linux but none of the listed partitions were recognized by grub rescue. And, to top it all off, the windows recovery disk was stuck in my slot-loader DVD-drive, which requires an OS to eject the fucking disc, ignoring the very real possibility that users like me might need to manually eject it, lest our computers be bricked!

I just loaded ubuntu via a bootable USB stick, thankfully. ...To find out that my 870 gigabyte ubuntu partiton has been WIPED CLEAN BY THE FUCKING RECOVERY DISK INSTEAD OF THE WINDOWS PARTITION IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE FIXING.

So all my data is simply gone now. I'm pretty paranoid about backing things up, so I haven't lost anything *too* important. But this will be the 3rd time I've set up this new computer to the parameters I like and installed the programs I want in it. The first time when I bought the damn thing, the second when I decided to switch from 32- to 64-bit. Can I get a GRR ARGH.

Okay. I just finished re-installing Ubuntu 12.10 (64-bit) over the ENTIRE hard-drive this time, wiping Windows from my life forever. I am not above pirating a copy of windows 8 to use via virtualbox: I had a legitimate copy, but microsoft's systems are broken and stupid, so I refuse to play by their rules, putting the health and safety of my barely-used windows partition above that of my linux one.

So. Frustrating. I'm usually a pretty laid back person, but if my computer is ever down or not working I'm on edge for the whole day, till I can get back to it and get it fixed. Just knowing it'll be broken when I return to it makes me tense.
The recovery disk that wiped my HD is now in shiny pieces on my desk.
Anyway. This is why--if any of you were wondering--I haven't done anything useful or creative today.



  1. That bloody sucks! I hope you broke the disc after you got it out of the drive, rather than breaking it in it while trying to remove it?

    1. yes, I did it that way!

    2. yes, I did it that way!