04 October 2012

weird things brains do

Do you ever have really strange thought processes that come out of nowhere?

Like, putting on deodorant in the morning. My deodorant is on my dresser, next to a spray can of chain lube for my bicycle.

Hmm, I wonder if I could use that when I ran out of deodorant.

...No, that would be stupid because it would stain my shirts and get them all greasy.

...Also it's not... deodorant. And doesn't have any deodorising properties whatsoever.


Also, I'll be walking around or whatever and there will just be a thought that pops into my head, like, FRANKLY--DINOSAURS. or THREE THOUSAND MILES GIVE OR TAKE. which come from absolutely nowhere, aren't quotes from anything, don't relate to anything I'm doing or looking at... they just show up briefly as audio-thoughts and fade out after a while.

Or I'll just have snippets of cliche cinematic sentences run around in my head sometimes, like, I know what you really are, or What... What am I doing here? Usually accompanied by SUBTLE YET DRAMATIC FACIAL EXPRESSION TO NO ONE because I guess my face gets bored sometimes. The sentences aren't movie quotes either. They just seem like lines that would sound good in a voiceover or the climax of a scene.

It's mostly my aural thoughts that have these weird hiccups. Words out of nowhere, sentences that aren't related to anything. Internal conversations with a crazy person who sees chain grease and thinks, ARMPITS.

Please tell me I'm not alone in this.



  1. That reminds me of a TED talk I saw one time . . . "When Ideas Have Sex." It's the conception of creativity, pardon the pun.


  2. Hehe, that's amusing. This happens to me sometimes, usually when I.m tired.


  3. I don't think I tend to do that. But I wish I did.