02 August 2012

Reflections of the road: bike kisses

Here's a problem all cyclists face that might not be well known. Oil stains on the calves, caused when your bicycle shifts forward when you're straddling it and the front chain rings rest against the leg. (Pictured above.) My right leg--the chain is on the right side of the bike--was usually covered in marks like this by the end of each day on the road, and sometimes my left leg was graced with one as well, if I was leaning against the bike or picking her up or something.

I saw a lot of Ring of Kerry cyclists sporting their own marks like this as well.

They need a lot of soap and vigourous scrubbing to remove, haha. But I see them as a badge of honour. Something unique that brands a cyclist a cyclist...

Random thought for yous to enjoy.



  1. First thing I saw was that photo and I thought it was a nasty gash. "Owwww, what did you DO?"

    Badge of honor indeed!

  2. I think it's great, that you call that a bike kiss.

    1. haha, I speak to, and treat, my bike as if it were a living thing. Something with the intelligence between that of a dog and a horse.