02 March 2012


Had a cool dream last night. I was in some kind of weird race, where everyone was in a motor vehicle, except I was on a bike. I then proceeded to bike to the top of a mountain, which was covered in snow on the far side for some reason--then change to skis, and I skied down the mountain. There was a lake at the bottom. My skis turned out to also be water skis somehow, and I water skied to the finish line and beat everybody by being made of win.

Apparently I'd planned the snowski/waterski trick as a complete surprise to everyone!!!1! and perfectly timed my descent so that I could grab the handles of my cohort's motor boat as he passed by on the lake ('cause you need a boat to water ski, like).

I was also apparently in water up to my neck when I crossed the finish line. BUT NOTHING CAN STOP MY AWESOME.

yeah, those of you following this blog because you enjoy my wit and insight... um. peace.


another random picture for you to enjoy

[picture from Glendalough, showing a 100+ year old cemetery and a round monastic tower in the background; it is very sunny and rife with green plant life and tall grass, with autumn colours on the hill in the background]

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  1. You gotta take your Mom and I to this place!!!! Also, BPT rent me a bike and we'll race.

    Love, Dad