12 December 2011

tour of my flat

I know I said I would post this a long time ago, but here it finally is!

first of all, you go thru the wrought-iron gate under the brick arch...

then you go thru the door, which has a doorknob right in the middle like any good hobbit house ^_^
past the cute little garden where you can dry your clothes (when it doesn't rain, which... isn't often). It has a little tool shed and tonnes of ivy and a little box of adorable flowers. The bike shed for rothar is out of the frame on the left --

into the main hallway with its antique furnishings

up the stairs

 and into the flat! Here is my tiny kitchen (sink, fridge up to my waist topped with a microwave, and tiny-tiny oven--seriously, I don't know if a thanksgiving turkey would fit in it--with four little burners on top), and my adorable bed (with Hersha my little stuffed lion keeping it warm for me), and my wardrobe (filled with... very little since I am relentlessly utilitarian when it comes to clothes).

These are pictures I took when I first moved all my stuff in. The only decoration I've added, tho, is an old icon of the Theotokos and holy child above my kitchen table.

The flat's all nice and clean in these pictures, but lately I've become a bit of an... ehm... bachelor. I reallyreally need to vacuum (I'll do it this week! I swear!) and wipe down the hob and the sink. I also have a mound of dishes to wash (altho' I am forced to wash them when I need to use them since I have very little, so it doesn't get *too* bad) and clothes hanging all over the chairs, tables, and doors. The clothes are clean, but there's only a washer and no dryer, so I just drape them over things in my room to dry rather than risk the garden where they'll get rained on more often than not. Then, once they're dry, I can't be bothered to put them all away >_<;

And here is the fistful of keys that I require in order to live in this country:

The grey thing is the computer chip that gets me into the office for work. Then there's a bike lock key, a bathroom key, a key to the garden, a key to the flat, a key to the main door... and most of them are legit skeleton keys, which is awesome. I also have some membership card things to Tesco (English wal*mart, basically, which I avoid when possible; I prefer shopping Irish) and Holland and Barrett, the health food store.

 I'm sorting thru my mounds and mounds of pictures now. More will come.



  1. It's so tiny and cute! I used to have the same problem with clothes in my old apartment, cause we didn't have a washer nor dryer. There were clothes everywhere and they'd take forever to dry. A true nightmare.
    I hope everything's going well!;)

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