16 August 2011

All set to go.

Today I received my working holiday authorization!! I actually received it first on Friday, but they spelled my first name wrong so I had to send it back for correction. But now it's here and it's correct and I have my passport back...! I also have my plane tickets (air canada), and a hostel reservation on Aston Quay for one week. It'll be a dorm-style room, I get one night free thru BUNAC and the rest is only €12 on weekdays and €16 on weekends. I'm paying a little extra for a female-only dorm but I think I'll like that a lot better than a mixed one.

So, basically I'm good to go. I'll get there at 08:30 on Wednesday, September 7th, and I'm set to check into my hostel at 10:00. The last bit of business to take care of once I get there is to check in with the Immigration Bureau and pay their fee and all that. Then I'll have the USIT orientation on Friday morning, and then JOBHUNTING I s'pose. I'm not going to try and get a flat until I have a job first. Staying at a hostel comes out to about the price of rent anyhow. I mean, you have to share the room with 9 other people, but it's economical and flexible and right smack downtown next to the USIT office.

I cannot begin to explain how excited and nervous I am that I will be moving to Dublin, Ireland, in less than three weeks. I just hope I don't forget anything that I need to do before I get there or bring with me when I leave...

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